Winter Park Donuts: Classic Favorites Sure to Please

Though historical accounts vary greatly, records place the invention of the conventional donut somewhere in the 1800s. Filling came about soon thereafter. Some time later, their middles came amiss to create the circular treats so popular today. At this point, those early contributors to the world of donuts would probably be rendered speechless over the unending variety now in play. Despite all those modern-day newcomers, some classic options continue to take the cake.

Today’s Most Popular Donuts

Some reports place plain glazed at the top of the heap while others insist lemon and custard-filled reign supreme. Powdered sugar-coated and vanilla with sprinkles hold their own as well. Having said that, plenty of others make the national cut as well.

  • Crullers: Something about a soft, warm center and a slightly crisp outer shell covered in sugary glaze just consumes the soul. Crullers are available in a wide range of flavors, but they all offer the classic textures and telltale twisty top the nation has come to know and love.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate cake donuts rival their larger, filled-in counterparts where popularity is concerned. Whether covered in vanilla glaze, dark chocolate frosting or salted caramel, they tend to bring home the gold.
  • Maple Glazed: Maple has made its way into the hearts of millions over the decades. When paired with a soft, fluffy donut, it simply can’t be beat. Top with a sprinkling of bacon crumbles, and you’ve got a whole breakfast in hand. At the very least, it’s a satisfying breakfast with a hole.
  • Jelly Filled: Strawberry seems to have a considerable lead over other types of jelly filling, but it’s not alone by any means. Dusted with powdered sugar or coated with standard glaze, jelly donuts tend to draw crowds.
  • Boston Creme: Custard-filled donuts and chocolate glazed both make the list of top choices, but they’re bumped down in rank by Boston Creme’s pairing of the best of both worlds.

No doubt, winter park donuts aren’t going to fade into oblivion any time soon. If anything, they’ll only continue to gain popularity and branch out in new directions. Not everyone can agree on which variety is best, but countless people unite in rejoicing this long-running breakfast and snack favorite.