When Get Locked Out,

1) You walk out the door, leaving your keys inside and the door closes behind you,
2) you have the key but it won’t open the door, and
3) you left your keys in your office or you simply can’t remember where you left them.

Now if you find yourself in scenario number 1 where you have just rushed out your apartment to catch the 8:30 am train to the city and locked yourself out, please don’t panic. Stop! Think! Yes, you can help yourself before calling a locksmith. 90{71bd13d07265abeb25e11f8295f2c2e098775c4feb124c21e3973d569b230574} of the time you can use your credit card and shim your door open by placing the card between the door and frame right where the latch is located. Chances are you will be able to open the door. OK, let’s say you have tried and still didn’t get the door open, what do you do then? Well my advice is the same, don’t panic. If you have your phone, search the internet for a locksmith. The first page of your search will have at least ten listings. Don’t even bother choosing the first three because chances are that those three companies are not local and are going to charge you an arm and a leg.

Next, if you call a company that quotes you a service call and then a minimum amount, please don’t fall for it because they will quote a very low service call, like $15 just to get to you and then try to over charge you for the actual service. Choose the locksmith that is located at least in fourth or fifth place in the listings and make sure they have a physical store, locally.