Frosted Glass Doors

Stained glass doors used to be the desired style for front doors many years ago. It was unique, elegant, artistic, and stylish; and it showed status. Today stained glass doors are not found as often but frosted glass doors are more the craze.

It is often seen that frosted doors are installed as a front door. Alternatively, the sidelights of these solid wooden doors have the frosted effect. Stylish as they are, this type of door can easily be used as an interior feature. Because the frosted effect is not transparent people have been known to have them for their bathrooms and bedrooms.

The best part about these doors is that you are given your privacy but at the same time have natural light emitting into the room. The opaque look allows you to have style without a big disadvantage.

This glass is easily cleaned and would be ideal for your bathrooms where constant water is being used. It will make the cleaning process a lot easier and with the amount of light entering the bathroom you won’t have to worry about having to switch a light on.

Not only does the frosted glass work for your normal doors but it can also be used for your counters, cupboards, wardrobes, shower doors and windows. The material is so dynamic and it is affordable for anyone.

If a person is uncomfortable with completely transparent doors in their houses, the frosted effect can be applied or made. With increasing rates of crime you would feel more comfortable if all the openings were blurred so that the outside world can’t see inside the house.

It might not be the best idea to have all the windows frosted as you need to know what is happening around you, without having to open a window or a door. These are beautiful features but it is important that you are alert at all times.