Types of Laminate Flooring


The walnut laminate is atmospheric and dark to help create the perfect ambiance in the home. The laminate can be made to look much like real wood with its unique grain and knot detail. The natural dark color means a room is given a neutral base for greater freedom to decorate and style the walls and furnishing. Also, it helps to add a touch of warmth to a room which makes it a practical choice for the bedroom.


The hickory laminate is a great way to introduce a warm tone to the home. This flooring is available in several shades including the grays, beige and warm reds. It is a very stylish and classic option that will look perfect in any home receiving a modern makeover.


The chestnut laminate has a traditional look and gives the classic look to any living space in the home. It has a very distinctive grain detail which helps to enhance its all-round authenticity. Also, this type of laminate can be finished with a worn look to create a feeling of yesteryear. The classic look makes it an extremely versatile option and easily goes with most color schemes.


A stone tiled floor is a wonderful finish to the traditional or contemporary styled home. Stone not only looks stunning, but is easy to maintain and super durable. However, it is a material that is very cold under your feet and quite slippery when wet. A great substitution for the real thing is the stone effect laminate. This can look extremely realistic while also being more comfortable to walk on and naturally anti-slip.

Screen Door Installation

Although the terms, “screen” and “storm” are used interchangeably to describe the traditional screen door, there is a subtle difference you should be aware of in order to make a better decision. Storm doors are built to be more sturdy and rugged in order to shield your front door from inclement weather such as strong winds, rain, hail, and snow. Often times, they are designed with a metal or vinyl frame and sliding-glass windows, and then a secondary screen inside. Screen doors are not designed for heavy-duty shielding. They are best applied as a means to keep bugs out and let the cool breeze in.

The three most common types of screen doors to choose from include traditional, retractable, and sliding screen doors. They come in a variety of styles, textures, sizes, and colors. Traditional models fit directly into outer door jams and open outwards. Since they are purely-functional and basic, so they are mostly used for back and side doors, however there are fashionable ones on the market that would suit a front door entrance just fine.

Retractable models are popular choices for front doors because they work similar to a pull-down blind. They are stored in a spring-loaded casing that’s installed on the top of side of the doorframe. This allows you to pull it down when you want to let in fresh air, and then wind it back up when you’re finished. And last, sliding doors make a good choice for patio entrances with an exterior side-sliding track.

Once you decide which type you want, set yourself a budget. This will help you filter and reduce your options, making the selection process easier. It also makes it easier to stick to a price limit and not get persuaded to buy something you don’t really need. Generally, basic low-end to mid-end selections will cost anywhere between $30 and $200, whereas mid-to-high end selections can cost up to $500 or more.

Although door sizes are generally standard, it is vital to measure and double check your measurements before buying one. Traditional models should be the same measurements as the door behind them. Most often, retractable models should match the measurements of the exterior jam it’s being installed in. Sliding patio models should be measured by the size of their panels. It is best to discuss the recommended measurements for your screen door installation needs with a licensed contractor.

Oak Hardwood Flooring

Before making the final decision you need to decide if you want engineered or solid oak hardwood flooring. The difference between the two is that engineered oak flooring is made with veneer. It is then layered onto a base. Engineered flooring does not wear as well as the solid floor plus engineered floors contract and expand less. With solid oak flooring, it is made from plank or solid strips of wood. There is also a variety of floor widths to look at and consider including narrow strips to planks. You can also get it in parquet, which is flooring that made of several pieces of wood that fit together like a puzzle.

Check to see if the hardwood flooring has a warranty, what it covers, and how long it lasts. The longer warranties are often found with floors that are prefinished and the unfinished ones have a shorter warranty. Most homeowners will hire a company to put down their hardwood flooring so be sure to hire a reputable company. You should check to see if they offer any warranties or guarantees if something goes wrong on the job, which if it is their fault they will be responsible for taking care of the problem.

A very important issue with oak hardwood flooring is the installation method. If the homeowner decides to install the flooring themselves may find that they prefer a floating floor, which is a floor that will not have to be glued or nailed to the subfloor of the room. Many professional installers may decide to nail, staple, or glue the oak hardwood flooring to the subfloor, which can be hard to do.

Frosted Glass Doors

Stained glass doors used to be the desired style for front doors many years ago. It was unique, elegant, artistic, and stylish; and it showed status. Today stained glass doors are not found as often but frosted glass doors are more the craze.

It is often seen that frosted doors are installed as a front door. Alternatively, the sidelights of these solid wooden doors have the frosted effect. Stylish as they are, this type of door can easily be used as an interior feature. Because the frosted effect is not transparent people have been known to have them for their bathrooms and bedrooms.

The best part about these doors is that you are given your privacy but at the same time have natural light emitting into the room. The opaque look allows you to have style without a big disadvantage.

This glass is easily cleaned and would be ideal for your bathrooms where constant water is being used. It will make the cleaning process a lot easier and with the amount of light entering the bathroom you won’t have to worry about having to switch a light on.

Not only does the frosted glass work for your normal doors but it can also be used for your counters, cupboards, wardrobes, shower doors and windows. The material is so dynamic and it is affordable for anyone.

If a person is uncomfortable with completely transparent doors in their houses, the frosted effect can be applied or made. With increasing rates of crime you would feel more comfortable if all the openings were blurred so that the outside world can’t see inside the house.

It might not be the best idea to have all the windows frosted as you need to know what is happening around you, without having to open a window or a door. These are beautiful features but it is important that you are alert at all times.